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Pastoral Supervision


Pastoral Supervision finds its roots in the Gospel where Christ is our model of the good supervisor. He fostered an environment of experiential learning; teaching his disciples by sending them out to minister; on their return drawing them aside to reflect on their experience. And like any good supervisory process their relationship was rooted in a covenant relationship based on mutual respect, honesty, compassion and trust.  Pastoral Supervisors equally endeavour to create a learning environment that is respectful of the ministry practitioner. Here, supervisee’s are encouraged to share their experience, in order to reflect on the quality of their doing; noticing the impact of the work on their ministerial, professional and personal lives. Through this interaction new insight can emerge; confidence is enhanced and isolation and burnout reduced. By engaging in pastoral supervision contemporary ministry becomes a theology in action.


Who can benefit from pastoral supervision?

  • Head Teachers

  • Clergy

  • Chaplains,

  • Leadership Teams

  • Safeguarding Personnel

  • Ministry Teams

  • Spiritual Directors

  • Pastoral Workers

  • Church Leadership Teams

  • Parish Councils.



Tony Nolan has more than 30 years experience working reflectively with groups and individuals. He is a senior accredited supervisor with APSE (Association of Pastoral Supervisors & Educators) and an associate at the Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice and a full member of the Supervisors Association of Ireland. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Consultative Supervision and is the author of Supervision as a Courageous Conversation, published in Enriching Ministry: the practice of pastoral supervision, (SCM 2014) Tony is actively involved in promoting pastoral supervision wide variety of pastoral contexts.


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