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Spiritual Direction

Some of us long for a safe harbour to explore the deepest questions of our lives – questions about God, spirit, reality, meaning, purpose and calling. We need to be held in a sacred space and trusted to find our own deeper connection with spirit. We need a place to be heard, a place where we can hear ourselves, and where someone will help us notice the movement of the spirit within our ordinary lives and listen for the wisdom available within our own deep heart.1
1. Text adapted from Your Soul’s Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance, 2003, Borysenko & Dveirin, Carlsbad California: Hay House, p. 235

As a spiritual director I share  this conviction that spiritual direction is a place where my story can be shared, heard and treated as sacred. It is a process, whereby one individual (the Director) encourages another (the Directee) to reflectively embrace their story with all its complexity – deeply inhabiting it and reflectively noticing how that story is held in a bigger story. The divine story of God’s compassionate engagement with our world. In spiritual direction we are invited to cast a contemplative eye on all we are and do, opening ourselves to the possibility of transformation. This is an incarnational view and is rooted in a recognition of the interconnectedness between all humanity, held in the compassionate Heart of God.”



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What I offer

  • One - to - one Spiritual Direction

  • Supervision of Spiritual Directors

  • On-going Professional Development for Directors

  • Retreats and Days of Reflection

  • Conferences  & Workshops


To stand on the threshold is to take up a radical contemplative stance to all of life’s experience and notice the movement of a compassionate God within the ordinariness of our lives.

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